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Atlantic salmon fillet without skin, 195-210g

Atlantic salmon fillet without skin, 195-210g

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Atlantic salmon fillet from Norwegian waters.

It is our pride and our friends' best seller.

Type of cut - fillet, without skin, without fat layer;

Only Superior quality Atlantic salmon is used;
Portions are individually packed in vacuum packaging ;
Sold in 2kg boxes
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Our salmon farmed in the Norwegian ocean. Salmon is an excellent choice for adding protein, vitamins and many micronutrients to your diet. Eating salmon, due to its high level of Omega-3, can help maintain normal brain function.
Its taste is pleasant, expressive and fresh, so you will never feel the smell or taste of mud or dead fish. The color is naturally orange/pink, due to the salmon receiving the natural antioxidant Astaxanthin, which is extracted from the algae found naturally in their environment. When astaxanthin reacts with UV rays (outside), it emits a bright red color, thus coloring the fish in a beautiful color.

Our salmon farming process does not use antibiotics, which is strictly prohibited in Norway. The fish are constantly monitored throughout their growth, thus controlling their health and condition.

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