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Mūsų istorija

The history of our company began in 2004 together with the Norwegian company Hofseth, together with the aim of preparing the best Atlantic salmon on the market. It came from a love for fresh and high-quality fish, and inspiration from the pure and rich nature of Norway. In the early years, Fjord Sales was heavily involved in large-scale sales in Europe, and only later did we start supplying products to our Lithuanian market little by little. Our goal was to introduce the market to extremely high quality products and educate consumers about the benefits of frozen fish production in our market. Now in our stores you can find more products than red Norwegian fish. We are constantly looking for unique products that are better than the existing products in our market.
Fjord Sales is a two-family business that puts all its heart and best wishes into providing products of only the highest and best quality.
We bring only the best products, what we like and use ourselves.
Quality, sustainability and user-friendliness are our three main criteria
which we always consider.

The meaning of the Fjord Sales logo

The Viking ship in our logo reflects our Scandinavian spirit for sustainable and healthy products found in Norwegian waters. Just as Viking merchants searched for the most unique and precious products for their people, we feel like modern merchants of the sea, bringing you only the freshest and most valuable goods of the oceans.


Get to know the products more closely:

Jose gourmet


This pate is made from Atlantic and Mediterranean sardines. Olive oil, tomatoes, vinegar and aromatic pepper unite in a harmonious world of flavors. Sometimes that's all it takes to enjoy the flavors.

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This tuna is caught in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, never losing its properties and original freshness. Olive oil, tomatoes, and tuna come together in this recipe to create a meaty and juicy spread.

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Jose Gourmet canning line

Jose Gourmet - Top quality, handmade, Portuguese preserves