Šventinės rūkytos lašišos salotos

Festive salad with smoked salmon

We want to share our favorite salad using 72-hour cold-smoked salmon from the Dragen Smokehouse . This salad is perfect for Easter, when you've had enough of boiled eggs and you want to diversify the Easter table.
For a serving of two you will need the following ingredients:



Cut the smoked salmon fillet into small pieces, and also cut the boiled eggs and tomatoes into small cubes. Put everything in one deep bowl. Tear the washed lettuce leaves and put them in a bowl with the other ingredients.
Making the sauce is really simple. Mix a couple of teaspoons of mustard with two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil and mix everything.
This 72-hour smoked salmon is especially suitable for this salad. It is smoked in the traditional Norwegian way, when the fish is dry-salted and then hung in the smoker, smoked with juniper branches. Salmon smoked in this way acquires an intense aroma of juniper and a smoky taste.
The taste is extremely unique, slightly sweet and not too salty. Due to the long smoking process, the fish acquires an exceptional texture, remains fatty and stiff.
Have a beautiful, cozy and delicious Easter!
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