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Cod "Bacalao" cut, 600g

Cod "Bacalao" cut, 600g

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Cod " Bacalao " means dried and salted fish. It is the most popular fish in Portugal, loved by the Spanish and this salting tradition is replicated in Norwegian culinary cuisine. When the Portuguese talk about cod, you think of this " Bacalao " cod. The cod is covered with a large layer of sea salt and left to dry and mature for up to a week. Before consumption, the cod is soaked in water for up to a day, changing the water several times to remove the salt.

This cod has its own unique and distinctive taste, highlighted by its texture.

Ingredients: COD (lat. Gadus morhua), salt.

Fish caught in: Northeast Atlantic Ocean, Norwegian Sea, Svalbard and Bear Island, Barents Sea, North Sea, Iceland and Faroe Islands, Northeast Greenland - FAO27; In the North West Atlantic - FAO 21; In the North East Pacific FAO 67, Fishing gear: Trawls, gill nets, lines, lines)

Store frozen at -18ºC | Do not refreeze after thawing.

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