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IMMUNE, 30 effervescent tablets

IMMUNE, 30 effervescent tablets

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The choice of BioSalma® Immune effervescent tablets is the perfect solution for those who want to strengthen the health of their immune system and fight fatigue and exhaustion. Here's why this product stands out and why you should consider adding it to your routine:

A synergistic blend of nutrients

With a powerful combination of vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc, this supplement is specially formulated to strengthen the immune system. These nutrients work together to boost your body's natural defenses, making you less susceptible to common illnesses.

Double benefit

BioSalma® Immune not only supports immunity, but also reduces fatigue and exhaustion. The vitamin C in the composition ensures that you feel energetic and refreshed, addresses the common problem of everyday fatigue and helps you stay active and productive.

Pleasant taste

The unique taste of red orange and ginger makes this supplement a pleasant experience. Unlike tablets or capsules, which can be difficult to swallow, this effervescent tablet turns into a delicious drink that you'll enjoy every day.

Convenient and easy to use

The effervescent tablet form makes it easy to take. Simply dissolve in water to make a refreshing drink, ideal for those who struggle to swallow pills or are looking for a more enjoyable way to take their supplements.

Perfect for a busy lifestyle

For those with busy schedules, BioSalma® Immun offers a quick and effective way to strengthen the immune system and boost energy levels without disrupting the day. It's a simple addition to your daily routine that can make a big difference in how you feel.

Nutrients: 1 tablet 2 tablets
Vitamin D 15 μg (300%*) 30 μg (600%*)
Vitamin C 250 mg (312%*) 500 mg (625%*)
Zinc 10 mg (100%*) 20 mg (200%*)
Ginger extract 15mg** 30mg**
* RMV - reference nutritional value
** The reference nutritional value has not been established
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